Hey Chris, Simpson, Cliff,

I just wanted to send a follow up note to thank you for all the help these past few weeks with logistics and shipping.

It was such a pleasure to work with you all!

@Cliff– you were so helpful with pick up, driving, and load in’s/out’s- I know there was a lot of back and forth but you were so on top of everything and really took the lead. Thank you!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and I’m sure we’ll be in touch soon J

First Book Canada™, is a non-profit social enterprise that provides access to new books for children in need. Since 2009 , First Book Canada  has distributed more than 4.5  million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children throughout Canada. Through partnerships with leading publishing companies, First Book Canada™ secures high-quality titles that help educators create enriched learning experiences for their students, transforming the lives of children in need.

From the very beginning Critical Path have been an important partner for First Book Canada . Starting in the very early days when Critical Path was our primary storage facility to recent days when they delivered over 3,000 books on a day’s notice to The Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy Office & Treasury Board Secretariat for the annual Provincial Holiday Toy and Book Drive,  Critical Path has always been there for us! Always quick to loan a hand to provide transportation for free or at very low costs, willing to give us extra space to stage major book distributions at their facility, Critical Path has become an invaluable part of our team. No logistical issue seems too daunting, no request too small. From the senior leadership to their remarkable drivers, the entire staff  have been so helpful and committed to finding a workable solution.

First Book Canada is elevating the quality of education for children in need on a permanent, sustainable basis – and we cannot do it alone. Our Partners in Ending Illiteracy represent some of the smartest, most generous organizations across the for-profit and non profit sectors. These collaborations help us reach millions of children who can now experience the joy of reading and owning new books. Critical Path represents the best kind of partner our organization could have .

“Critical Path has a very user friendly, easy to navigate and efficient online ordering and billing system.  Our staff feel this system is superior to other systems we have used.  Critical Path couriers are friendly and helpful.  We love them.  Critical Path’s staff, from the dispatchers to the administrative staff, always work to find the fastest, most cost effective and efficient way to meet our needs.  Everyone on their team always works with us to find flexible solutions to challenging issues.  Bravo Critical Path. You should be proud of your people and your company.  We are lucky to have found you.”

I would just like to comment on my experiences in dealing with Critical Path. We so often hear the negative, and rarely the positive. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Critical Path since I started with Powell & Bonnell in September of 2012.

Critical Path was patient when I was in the learning process. I find their online system to be very user-friendly, and in the times where I have had to make changes to our pick-ups (cancellations, duplicates or changes in service), I have been treated very respectfully and professionally and all the staff has been more than happy to help. The drivers are pleasant to deal with and even during bad weather, I have always been informed of any slow-downs or changes to our service requests.

It really helps to make my job easier as we have a very demanding clientele where time and service is very important. Thank you for your continued efforts!

What can I say about Critical Path – exceptional service. We have been clients of critical path for at least 20 years – maybe more – but I don’t want to age myself! Having many discerning clients who are used to the best quality when they order flowers – I totally trust the service of Critical Path to follow through with care and promptness of the delivery so that the end result is my customer is happy and therefore I am happy. We do flower deliveries throughout the GTA – however often we get a client calling at the last minute after our drivers have already gone on their routes. It is with great confidence and ease that we go to the Critical Path website and before you know it the driver is here and the flowers are on the way. Flowers are not your normal box or envelope and I wouldn’t trust them with any other courier.

For the past 26 years, Critical Path has been the only local courier I have used. The drivers are courteous, reliable and always meet our deadlines. Although we often get calls from other courier services asking for our business, we cannot be swayed. Critical Path has earned my respect and trust.