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It began by marking the weekend on the calendar months  in advance, quivering with anticipation starting Monday the week of the fair.  Leaping out of bed like a bibliophilic gazelle when the day finally came.  Walking through the doors and first looking at the Convention Centre floor transformed into a fantasy land of books, authors and people. It was at this point the first signs of confusion set in for most, none of us knew where to start!

Meeting with the authors, getting a book signed and the interaction between TIBF goers was truly amazing.

Checkout Social Media Channels; Twitter @Inspire_TIBF #INSPIRE_TIBF or Video’s, Pictures and information with Facebook: ‘Toronto International Book Fair’ and the many blogs, reviews and chatter on the internet.

Critical Path LTD engaged in a hugely successful Metro Toronto Convention Centre experience, and no doubt visitors bonded with peers over their respected hauls.

We are positive we can speak for many in saying “Thank you Inspire!  Toronto International Book Fair, sponsors, authors, publishers and exhibitors for encouraging everyone to read!”