First BookInspire a Child for the Holidays … Give a Book to Change their World

INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair and First Book Canada have partnered to create a holiday drive for donation of new children’s books to children in need.

The idea is really simple. The act of giving a book is always an inspired one. First Book Canada is inviting all attendees of INSPIRE! to add a single book purchase for a child in need in the Greater Toronto area for the holidays. We are asking you and your staff at the Book Fair to encourage every customer there to think of giving the gift of reading this holiday season by buying an extra kids book (for ages 0 to 18). The books will be delivered to a child in need in our city. First Book Canada and their partners at TD Bank Group, The Printing House, INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair and Critical Path will make sure they get into the hands of a most deserving child or young adult from across our city before the holiday season begins. We will provide all exhibitors and retailers selling childrens and YA titles with some simple signage and post cards that explain what to do, and how their donations are put to use in our city. We will give you some easy-to-follow instructions you can relay to your staff on how to up-sell a favourite, brand new book that will be donated to a child, as well as where the large donation canisters will be located.

More information about this campaign can be found in the INSPIRE! Exhibitor Portal.

At the end of the show if there are any books left over you want to donate rather than cart back to your office or warehouse just let us know. We will gladly add to our “holiday inspiration book campaign” and pick up at your booth.
We would really appreciate it if you sent this note around your office to all those staff who are attending the show and working your booth so they have some familiarity with the campaign and our goal. We need your help to ensure every GTA child from a low income family has something great to read over the holiday season. Chances are good your team knows exactly which book would be an ideal choice.

If you have any questions or would like to ensure you get materials for the show, please don’t hesitate to email or call First Book Canada’s Executive Director – Tom Best 416-949-0056.

We are at Booth #103 . Look forward to seeing you there.