Pan Am Games CP Notification letter_June 1 2015

We are taking all the necessary steps to insure our service will be impacted as little as possible however it will be impossible for all transportation providers not to be impacted based on the closures and the sheer volume of spectators etc coming into our city but we at CP will always take every possible precaution to proactively reduce service impacts to our clients!

These measures include:

  • Daily emailed updates directly from the Ministry of Transportation detailing road closures etc
  • No vacations during this time for our Driver Pool
  • Increasing our Car Driver Pool along with additional Bike Couriers during the games
  • Extending our office hours to accommodate pre and post rush hour shipments
  • Extensive driver education focusing on venue location, parking restrictions and road closures

During the Games, some routes will be busier than normal, especially during rush hour. Temporary traffic measures such as parking restrictions or turning bans will reduce congestion near venues and ensure Games participants can travel safely to and from events. In addition to traffic measures near events, some measures will be used throughout the Games period to keep traffic moving.

Those measures include:

  • new temporary HOV lanes for
    • Games vehicles
    • vehicles with 3+ occupants (June 29 – July 27)
    • vehicles with 2+ occupants (July 28 – August 18)
    • emergency vehicles
    • electric vehicles with green license plates
    • public transit
    • taxis

You can avoid unplanned delays and help keep the region moving during the Games. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. know what traffic measures will be in place in your area and how they may impact you
  2. plan your trips well ahead of time
  3. carpool and take advantage of new temporary HOV lanes
  4. take transit to avoid traffic
  5. get active by cycling, jogging or walking instead of driving
  6. if you need to drive, plan alternate routes to avoid busy areas along the Games Route Network and near events
  7. avoid traveling during rush hour whenever possible